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Jingdezhen City Planning Exhibition Hall


    The project site is located in Jingdezhen Ceramic Cultural and creative new area. Weier road in the north, Jingwu road in the East, library, science and Technology Museum and media center in the south, modern road in the west, covering an area of 1.76 hectares. The total construction area of the project is about 13846 square meters. There are four floors above the ground and one underground. The building is 23 meters high. On the ground, the exhibition hall, office research and part of the construction business are the main ones, while on the ground, the equipment room and parking garage are the main ones.

    The overall landscape of the design is combined with the overall integrated design of the building, taking the Jingdezhen hilly landform and residential settlement as the prototype, using the base earthwork to shape the micro mountain terrain, matching with the shape and contour of the buildings. The main square in the East and the small square in the South echo with the city park and the library in the south, forming a vibrant urban life square in the cultural and creative new area. The internal landscape revolves around a series of courtyards, with spring, summer, autumn and winter as the motif. Through the organization of waterscape, green space, trees, vertical greening and ground pavement, combined with the theme and streamline of the exhibition hall, different courtyard landscapes are created, forming different interfaces of external space and guiding the flow of people, enriching the space experience of the exhibition hall and increasing the interest of visiting.

    The east area of the building is the exhibition area, and the west area is the office area of Planning Bureau and planning information center. The two areas are relatively independent and keep in touch. The first floor of the exhibition area mainly includes the entrance public hall and service area, VIP reception area, overall planning model multimedia display area, temporary exhibition area, formula area, planning information center, multimedia, 3D cinema, etc. the entrance hall is announced on the second floor, and the escalator leads to the central city solid model exhibition area on the second floor; On the second floor, there are the exhibition area of the physical model of the central urban area, the exhibition area of the key planning, the exhibition area of the historical and cultural city, the planning discussion space and the leisure coffee area; On the third floor, there are exhibition areas for infrastructure, special planning and town planning. The west district is mainly the office area of Planning Bureau and planning information center, with an independent office entrance hall on the first floor and an entrance connected with the exhibition part on the first and third floors. The basement is equipped with parking garage. The design of public space around the courtyard and patio layout, combined with the visit streamline and exhibition content and outdoor space blend to create a rich space experience. The public hall is connected with the central exhibition hall in a scattered way, which provides different audiences with a full range of sand table viewing angles. The overall exhibition halls expand with the streamline, interact with the outdoor courtyard and patio, and provide suitable natural ventilation and lighting. The audience can visit one by one along the circular streamline, or enter the multimedia demonstration, interaction and leisure coffee areas through the public hall. In addition, the VIP flow line is relatively independent. Through the etiquette entrance, it can directly reach the demonstration area of the master plan model and the VIP model display platform on the third floor, overlooking the model exhibition area of the center, and connecting with the Planning Office West area.

    The design integrates ecological strategy and architectural scheme. According to the climate characteristics of the hot summer and cold winter area where Jingdezhen is located, as well as the use characteristics of exhibition hall and office, the layout of courtyard and patio is adopted. The ventilation corridor is set up. The natural ventilation is strengthened by using hot pressure ventilation tower, catch board and hot pressure ventilation chamber. The natural lighting and shading are reasonably set up, as well as rainwater collection Three dimensional greening, enclosure structure optimization, temperature and humidity independent control and other appropriate ecological technologies, and the use of computer simulation to assist in the optimization of building programs. Based on the regional characteristics, the scheme integrates the residential intention of Jingdezhen in the hilly area, the aura of the city of mountains and rivers and the local green technology strategy, reflects the unique culture and technology of Jingdezhen, actively integrates into the public environment of the creative new area, and guides the public participation with an open attitude to show the urban development of Jingdezhen.