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Passive House Pavilion of Longfor Sundar


    The project is an exhibition pavilion supported by Longfor Real Estate and Orient Sundar Windows Company, within which the sustainable architecture strategies and the edge-cutting building techniques could be introduced to the public. During the design process, holistically sustainable strategies are adopted in different levels of design. Meanwhile, it becomes the first PHI certificated exhibition architecture in Asia.

    The building is merged with natural landscape while improving the heat performance at the same time. The north side is sheltered with earth, making the pavilion's north facade completely vanished into the natural landscape and reducing the building’s thermal losses. On the south side, curtain wall is designed to collect solar energy in winter for passive heating and becomes a mirror reflecting clearly the surrounding environment to extend natural landscape.

    The basic prototype of the pavilion is made of two wedges. A wedge-shape atrium is inserted into the main body. The terraced atrium, connecting the outdoor landscape with the interior spaces, blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, ground floor and second floor, artificial environment and natural environment.

    To create a more interesting experience in such a geometrically pure shape of building mass, two major artistic feature of traditional Chinese gardens are set in the design. The exhibition circulation begins from the Preface hall in southwest corner, moving clockwise around the house. On each turning point, there will be an Opposite scenery, to attract people's attention to move on. The journey ended at the platform on the second floor, where there is a pathway embedded into the terrain landscape. The corten steel sidewall cut the terrain in different depth, create a moving and changing view sight among the grass and flowers.


2018 | WAN Awards/Sustainable Buildings Award/ Finallist
2018 | WAN AWARDS/Landscape/ Finalist
2018 | The Architecture MasterPrize/ Winner in Landscape Architecture / Outdoor Designs